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“On My Honor I Will Do My Best” is the story all Americans should be able to tell their children—who they are, where they came from, how they got where they are and how to honor their past by taking advantage of what their loved ones have learned. Bill Deffebach’s memoir is a story from growing up in rural West Texas, where even today it pays to be a straight shooter, to professional and business successful careers in the big cities.
        DAVID FEHERTY, CBS Sports Commentator. Author: A Nasty Bit of Rough; Somewhere in Ireland A Village is Missing an Idiot; and Totally Subjective History of the Ryder Cup.

Bonnie and I are delighted to receive an autographed copy of your book, “On My Honor Will Do My Best”.  I hope you did not find becoming an author to be a tiring task. I found it quite a chore to get my thoughts organized and in print, but I am glad I succeeded. You have enjoyed a successful life and I hope it continues for many more years.
        JOHN E. SWEARINGEN, Former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Standard Oil of Indiana and CEO of Amoco; after retirement, came to the aid of Continental Illinois Bank and served as its CEO for three years at the request of the FDIC. Author: “Think Ahead: A Memoir.”

As my day wound on, I received a copy of On My Honor I Will Do My Best and was floored at both the professionalism of presentation and the content. I also found the genealogy fascinating. After a quick run through the photo appendix, I felt it was a stroke of genius. You cannot imagine how touched I was at the thought of putting the two rosaries side-by-side on the cover. It is beautifully typical of the both of you.
        MOST REVEREND OSCAR LIPSCOMB, Archbishop, Archdiocese of Mobile.

I have just finished your book—On My Honor I Will Do My Best. You did a tremendous job in writing this history of your life to date, and in providing a great narrative of how to achieve and live the American Dream after growing up in a small community. You, of course, had many other experiences that made you a “triple threat” in succeeding in accounting, law and business.
        JERRY McDANIEL, Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP, Houston, Texas.

I had the opportunity to read your recently-published book, On My Honor I Will Do My Best. I will keep a copy of the Rules and Lessons near my desk or in my brief case so that I can refer to them from time to time, for in this world we need all the help we can get. I am encouraged by your writing and the thoughts you had to share.
        GARLAND BINNS, Partner, Dover Dixon Horne PLLC, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Once I started reading your book, On My Honor I Will Do My Best, I couldn’t put it down. As an ex-attorney myself, I found your treatment of some of your law cases very interesting. Good work! It is a compelling autobiography of a young Texas boy of early pioneer stock, who by adhering to the teachings of his family and church achieved success after success in life. This book is an easy read. I also enjoyed the photo album in the appendix, containing many photos of you with other notables.
        JAN CULBERTSON, Author: The Last Mayan Warrior, Like Father and The Legend of Willow Springs Farm.

For those who have had the good fortune of learning the past through an experienced friend or relative, readers of retired attorney/auto dealer Bill Deffebach memoirs will enjoy the return to simpler times of his childhood through retirement. The comforting and congenial humor of his reminiscences carries its readers back to the dinner table and fireside chats led by family elders while his familiar guiding hand weaves his life experiences into an enveloping blanket of lessons, family and religious beliefs. Also as a key-note speaker, he captivated the audience at the Texas Automobile Dealers’ General Conference held in Austin in 2005. Bill’s accomplishments—athletic, military, legal prowess and his automobile and other business experiences show the varied life he has lived. Bill is a success at every turn and everyone can learn from his achievements and view of life.
        KAREN PHILLIPS, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Austin, Texas.

Bill, I have just completed reading your book. It is quite amazing—not just the words, but your experiences as well. Thank you for putting some of my words in your book. It is more than an honor. I feel tremendously humbled. I can only hope that I have the length of your years, and half of your experiences.
        ELLIOT GERSHENSON, President and CEO, Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston.

This book, On My Honor I Will Do My Best, is filled with wonderfully entertaining anecdotes and stories, which throughout reinforce the importance of character and integrity. One particular story, told of a lesson learned about honesty, through the combined guidance of the author’s teacher and his mother. Being a parent, this was a tale I gladly shared with my son. This was a very interesting and personal book, which was hard to put down.
        JEFF WARDWELL, President and CEO of Driving Force, Houston, Texas.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book. You have a way with words that are easy to understand and paint mental pictures. When I went to work for Great Western and met you for the first time, I was fresh out of the hills of Kentucky and thrust into the “big city” without a clue as to what it was all about. I felt like a fish out of water—so to speak. Nevertheless, you didn’t look down your nose at me, but instead acknowledged me as another human being. From that moment on, I grew to respect you for your intelligence and gentle—yet firm—way with people. I began to pattern myself after you in the way you spoke, wrote and dealt with people. My point is to let you know that you are among the very few people that I have on my most-admired list. You have had a life-long influence on my life. Too often we go through life and never let others know how they have affected us—I thought I would let you know.
        VICKI KRANZ , Plano, Texas, former insurance manager of Great Western Management Corp., Houston, Texas.

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